Developing Your Psychic Ability ~ Part 6

Self Acceptance

The first step to self-acceptance is to acknowledge and accept your choices and decisions up until now. Has the path you’ve chosen to take been easy or hard? If your soul has chosen a challenging path and your life has been difficult, you’ve had huge opportunities to grow and learn through the obstacles you’ve faced. We all make mistakes and often blame ourselves for pain we’ve caused ourselves and others. We face many tests throughout our lives; testing your soul will enable it to grow, develop and expand. Some of the tests are easy, while others take effort and perseverance to overcome. As you relax in the acceptance of your personal experiences as necessary for your growth, you open yourself to the higher guidance that will help ease your life path.

True healing and spiritual awakening occurs when we live our lives through love. Accepting ourselves for who we are is an act of love. The peace that occurs from taking this first step will then open us to being more spiritually aware. As you begin to acknowledge and accept yourself, everything in life becomes easier and the world feels much safer.

The very act of accepting that wherever you are in your life is perfect will free you to move forward. Through this acceptance, you can begin to open yourself more fully to your higher guidance and continue on your path to higher spiritual awareness.

Carina Bachman /

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Casey Homer