Attracting more abundance and prosperity into your life begins with being grateful for what and who is in your life right now. By holding thoughts and feelings of gratitude, you create an energetic vibration that connects with the energy of what you want to bring into your existence. Too often we focus on the lack of good fortune in our lives and therefore attract more lack. Remember that like attracts like: if you are afraid, you attract fear; if you are angry, you attract angry people; if you are kind, you attract kindness; if you are grateful for the abundance you already have, you attract more abundance, etc.

You deserve and are meant to live a joyous and abundant life, and a well-lived life is not measured by the abundance of possessions we acquire but by the balance of both the tangible and intangible. Living in a state of appreciation for what you already have will resonate to bring more prosperity and abundance into your life in the forms of financial wealth, loving and being loved, good health, friends, and so on.

Believing in love and abundance will attract them into your life. Unfortunately, some people believe they’re alone and that they are only just meant to survive, and some just wander aimlessly through their lives, accepting whatever comes their way with no real sense of purpose. Having abundance is not about having good luck; it is about realizing how and why you attract all types of people and situations in your life and adjusting your attitude to one of thankfulness and appreciation. You will attract exactly what you resonate!

Carina Bachman / CrystalSpringsHealing.com

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Benjamin Voros