Being Present

So often our minds are caught up with thoughts of the past or of worrying about the future. We are so busy focusing on what has already transpired or of what lies ahead that we don’t stop and relish the moment. We may try to drown out the regrets of past decisions or actions and quiet the constant chatter in our heads by overeating, drinking too much, lashing out in anger, feeling tired and depressed but not sleeping well and making poor life choices. The pain then multiplies and intensifies, and we’re caught in a vicious cycle.

While it does take some effort to stay in the present moment, this one undemanding act can be of great benefit. Taking one simple routine task at a time, we can begin to train our minds to focus on just being right here, right now. Your morning routine is a great place to start…it is so well ingrained that you haven’t had to think about it, instead allowing your mind to whirl through the day ahead and perhaps emerging feeling rushed and anxious. This sets the tone for the entire day. Tomorrow morning, begin to focus on the sensations and smells of your soap and shampoo on your body as the water washes over you. Relish the break from the outside demands as you’re ensconced in a warm, wet world where there are no telephones or computers. Whether your shower or bath lasts five minutes or twenty-five minutes let this be your time to focus solely on you. Let any thoughts that surface ebb and flow through you just as the water ebbs and flows around you. As you move through your days, choose another routine occurrence each day such as meals and focus solely on the task at hand. Meals become so much more enjoyable when you pay attention to the food in front of you instead of eating over the kitchen sink or on the run.  A side benefit to this is that you will become more tuned in to your body and will begin to notice how it responds to certain foods and how it digests them, and which foods leave you feeling energized and which leave you feeling sluggish.  

As you begin to focus more and more on the activity at hand you will naturally tune into just being and feeling instead of ‘doing.’ Every time your mind starts to wander, focus on what you’re doing and bring it back to the task at hand. At first you may feel as though you’re wasting time by not multi-tasking. However, you will actually discover that more is accomplished as you approach each task with a calmer, more peaceful and focused mind instead of scattering your thoughts and attentions in many directions.

With each new day you waken to another opportunity to bring more awareness into your life and enjoy the richness of each and every moment by simply ‘being present.’ This new attentiveness will not only benefit you, but everyone in your life!

Carina Bachman /

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Griffin Keller