Healing - a Call to Action

Taking charge of your health and wellbeing requires dedication and commitment to yourself and to your chosen restorative course of action. Being an active participant in your healing process results in a vastly different experience than that of assuming a passive and submissive role; when you operate from a proactive state, or position of strength, you put into motion a ripple effect of healing throughout your mind and body. Conversely, when you are in a reactive state you essentially turn over most decisions regarding your physical, emotional and mental health to other people. This can often leave you feeling confused and fearful as you find yourself merely doing what you’ve been told to do without fully understanding the “why” behind the directives and, just as importantly, what occurred to bring this issue into your life in the first place. There is a clear correlation between taking charge of your healing and having the outcome you desire.

What is Your “Story”?

There is always a story behind any issue. And while it can be uncomfortable or even frightening to fully know and see yourself and the truth behind what is happening, it is critical to recognize and reconcile the thoughts and beliefs that have led to your pain. Reliving a story can be a sign of being unable to let go of something from the past that has in some way become your identity. If this strikes a chord with you, ask yourself this: who you would be without that story?  What would your life look like if you chose to move beyond what happened? While being heard is an important part of any healing process, bear in mind that living and repeating a story can often keep healing from occurring. Reliving the past and talking about it does not heal; taking action does. Making a decision to get to the root of the issue through self-reflection immediately puts healing in motion.

Active healing requires you to do everything possible to support and sustain your mind and body. This includes eating clean, nutritious foods, exercising, and taking any necessary vitamins and medicines. It also is vital to go within by quieting your mind through meditation or deep breathing along with releasing attachment to past sufferings and clearing up any unfinished business. Healing your body or life challenges, along with developing insights to yourself, requires daily practice and attention.  And while you may need to make some changes in your life such as leaving or changing a job or relationship, or establishing a new eating or exercise program, the important point is to make the choices that will change the things required for healing.

Blockages to Healing

There are times when healing occurs slowly, or looks quite different from what you might expect. While clearly there are illnesses and issues that arise which are quite serious and require full attention, if you are experiencing a lack of healing it does not necessarily indicate that you are not doing everything possible. However, do consider that if you have visited a number of physicians, therapists and healers, or have tried several therapies along with dietary, vitamin or exercise programs without seeing much progress, you may unconsciously be hindering your own healing. This is not uncommon, as there are always lessons to be learned from any dis-ease that can be uncomfortable. Without realizing it, becoming healthy may possibly threaten you in some way, such as changing a relationship you have with regards to an unspoken balance of power, or perhaps affecting emotional or financial support you currently receive. Just by considering the possibility of conscious or unconscious interference, you spark a healing process as you begin questioning and examining your thoughts and beliefs.

Healing takes place on many levels and in many ways. Wherever you are in your healing process, making the decision to actively participate and direct your life experience is the first step toward resolution, peace and wellbeing.

Carina Bachman / CrystalSpringsHealing.com

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-James Donovan