All too often, we find it easier to tear ourselves down instead of delving deep within and building on our inner resources. We lose hope that our problems will be solved, our situations will get better, our health will improve or our relationships will go more smoothly. Denial of our difficulty appears first, followed by panic and even despair. Many will give up, falling into a downward spiral that seems never-ending.

So often, we long for that one thing that we think will make us happy if only we had it: money, love, children, career, good health, etc. To look inside ourselves, to come to the realization that we control our circumstances and are responsible for wherever we are right now can be disheartening. This acute awareness may leave us feeling weak and vulnerable, for it is often human nature to place blame elsewhere for our unhappiness and to absolve ourselves of any accountability. An awakening to feelings of peace and faith will inspire us to reflect on all the good things already in place in our lives. Only then can we begin to hope for fulfillment of all our other dreams.

When you have faith, you have hope. An attitude of hoping and faith is the first step to overcoming any obstacle in your path. Hope is what enables you to take a deep breath and make that phone call to a distanced loved one. Hope is what lets you believe that you will be healthy again, even when faced with a dreaded disease. Hope is what keeps you going to work every day, believing that you are making a difference and will be a success. Finally, hope is what gets you out of bed each morning.

Carina Bachman / CrystalSpringsHealing.com

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Lee 琴