Life's Purpose

We often feel as though we’re not fulfilling our life’s purpose. Searching for answers, we find ourselves wandering through our days, falling into the pattern of mindlessly going through our routines and tasks as the quest for discovering what we’re meant to do in this life becomes frustrating and we essentially shut down. We close our eyes and ears as well as our intuition to all of the signs we’re given. While finding your life purpose can lead you on an exhilarating trip or leave you feeling frustrated and empty when answers don’t seem to come quickly enough, it is a unique and invaluable journey for each of us.

We have all been given a gift to share that is uniquely ours. No one will ever do anything exactly the way each of us will. The first step to discovering your life’s purpose is to begin living purposefully.  Living purposely simply means paying attention to what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling, what you’re doing at any given moment and how you are impacted by people and situations around you. We are all naturally drawn to certain information and experiences; take note of the things you do and people you meet that leave you feeling happy, satisfied, excited and energetic. Step into those feelings; they reveal our natural inclinations and inner knowing and will bring us into alignment with discovering just what our gift is and what we’re meant to do with it.    

As you begin to live purposefully you’ll begin to open up to receiving signs and answers. There are so many different ways to receive messages; a book may fall off the shelf as you walk by, a newspaper or magazine article suddenly grabs your attention, a particular song plays over and over in your mind or someone mentions classes that you just know you’re meant to take. Someone may enter your life with messages for you or to help give you clarity. Signs in nature are also always present and just waiting for us to notice. Give yourself the gift of being open to all of the messages you receive each and every day through all that you do and all those you meet.

The joy and peace that comes with knowing and carrying out your life’s purpose is indescribable. Seek out those who can help you on your journey if you find yourself feeling lost; trust your intuition as to who is the right teacher/counselor for you as you walk your path. You can set the wheels in motion now towards discovering the beauty of who you truly are and the gifts you have been given to share.

Carina Bachman /

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Mitch Meyers