Power of Touch

How powerful touching and being touched is…it is so basic and essential to our well-being that we all need physical contact, even if we’re not fully aware of how significantly it affects us. The absence of caring touch in our lives can lead to anxiety and stress, which can result in physical and emotional suffering. Violent or rough touch will serve to disturb our energetic balance and cause distress on every level. Gentle, loving touch is comforting, soothing and healing.

Caring touch is therapeutic; healing hands, massage, giving and receiving hugs to others and showing affection for our pets will trigger the release of endorphins, hormones that reduce the sensation of pain and affect our emotions. Being gently touched conveys the subtle message that we are loved, cared about and deserving as those ‘feel-good’ hormones cascade through our bodies and soothe our pain and worries.

We benefit mentally, emotionally and physically from giving and receiving the gift of caring touch as it allows distress to be lessened on every level. Recognizing the power of touch and incorporating it regularly will help induce feelings of calmness and lightness, ease pain and accelerate healing on all levels.

Carina Bachman / CrystalSpringsHealing.com

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Peter Hammer