Couples / Relationship Counseling Sessions

Communication is essential for any relationship, and couples often have a difficult time understanding each other. Listening but not hearing, and vice versa, are often the result of ingrained habits, including trying to protect yourself, and can result in feeling resentful, angry and frustrated, as well as believing you and your needs are unimportant to your significant other.

In her personal and relationship counseling sessions, first and foremost Carina listens…not only to your words, but to the energy in and surrounding you, the love language you use, what the truth is underneath your words and what it is each of you really want, both individually and as co-creators in your relationship.

Whether you are seeking to heal a friendship, a relationship with a love partner, or are trying to learn how to work together and communicate better, including while co-parenting, Carina will confidentially work with you toward having mutual respect and understanding. Counseling sessions focus on quietly and lovingly getting to the true heart of the matter, addressing and healing your emotional pain, and helping you both gently shift old patterns.  

Relationship counseling sessions begin with a four-step process held either in person or via Skype. The first session is held jointly to discuss the issues at hand and introduce some effective healing methods to incorporate into your relationship immediately. Carina then will meet with each of you individually, as whatever is creating distress between you is rooted in each of your personal unique life experiences.* For the final session, we meet again jointly to continue addressing anything that has not been resolved along with strengthening your perception of, and communication with, each other.   

*Individual sessions are kept strictly confidential; anything that occurs in these sessions is only discussed in subsequent joint session(s) at the discretion of each partner willingly sharing the information, either directly or through Carina with previous permission.
Relationship counseling is a process involving trust, honesty and love. Sessions are held in an atmosphere of utmost privacy and confidentiality so that each of you feels safe to speak freely and openly. Great strides are made in healing your relationship when we work together in this safe space.

The only requirement to beginning this unique counseling experience is a commitment to yourself and your partner to be truthful. Fear of repercussion (anger, etc.) is often an obstacle that prevents healing any relationship and it is easy to get stuck in patterns that reinforce the issues. We address those fears and patterns in our joint and individual sessions.

Our shared goal is to fully establish and integrate new forms of communication, love and acceptance into your lives. Therefore, an initial minimum commitment of the four sessions described above is required. Sessions can be held either in person or via Skype.

Counseling fees are as follows: $800 for the first four sessions, which include the initial joint meeting, a subsequent individual session for each of you, and a final joint meeting as outlined above.  

If you choose to continue after the initial four sessions, options include: repeating the counseling package; having joint sessions at $250 each; or scheduling individual sessions at the regular single or package pricing noted on the Order Services page. With all options, follow-up phone and/or email support is always included.

Please contact Carina for more information or to schedule your sessions.

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