Parent / Child / Family Counseling Sessions

Our children have so much to handle today; including many things we never could have imagined when we were their age. They are desperately seeking empowerment and recognition in a world filled with less and less personal interaction due to technology and social media pressures along with blatant bullying, “helicopter” parents, peer pressure, family stress and strife and overscheduling. So many of our children are feeling lost and have no idea of how to express their feelings in a safe, comfortable and easy environment.

Helping to heal the pain our children experience is essential to their sense of security and foundation so they can flourish as loving, independent individuals, learning to know and trust their innermost self. My sessions with young children are short; no more than 45 minutes in length, at most, and about an hour with teenagers. The session is kept light and easy, and yet we are able to do a tremendous amount of healing work as children are not carrying around the multitude of burdens adults do. In addition, children are typically very receptive to opening up quickly when they feel safe knowing they can’t say anything “wrong” and won’t be judged in any way. 

The issue of trust is reinforced throughout the session, and makes a huge difference as children laugh, relax and open up. And, especially for teenagers, whether they have been feeling depressed or have been wearing a mask of indifference, defiance or sullenness to protect themselves, being in a place where they know they are being accepted completely for who they are helps release them from having shut down or from riding an internal roller coaster. This enables us to get to the heart of whatever is causing them any sort of pain and begin the healing process rapidly.

The parent /child / family connection is unique in each situation, and must be honored in order for recognition and healing of the “why” behind the “what” of the issues at hand. An initial phone or Skype video call with one or both parents helps identify the roles everyone is playing in the situation. A 1½-hour session with one or both parents soon after their child’s session* will help to clarify why the situation has occurred along with messages of ways to heal not only the current issue, but everyone in the family, as the stress of one is energetically absorbed by all.

Each Parent/Child/Family Session package for children ages 8 to 12 is $350, and for children 12 to 17 is $385. This includes an initial phone or Skype video call with one or both parents; an individual session with one child; and a follow-up session with one or both parents. Sessions can be held either in person or distance via phone or Skype, and custom packages can also be arranged pertaining to your particular circumstances.

Please contact Carina for more information or to schedule your sessions.


*It is essential that your child knows he or she is in a trusting, safe environment where they can share their deepest fears and feelings without worry about disclosure or repercussion. Therefore, the only information that will be shared in the parent session is that which is of a physical endangerment or otherwise damaging nature unless the child has given permission for other information to be shared.

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