Home Energy Clearings

Whether we have lived in our homes for many years or have just moved in, each space holds onto all types of energies, including thoughts, emotions, words and actions of anyone who has ever been in or around the home. Toxic energy in your home can create all types of dis-ease, including anger, anxiety, impatience or illness. Considering the amount of traffic each home typically has had, beginning with the contractors who built the home, inspectors, previous residents, their children, friends and pets, and even the plants that are/were in the home, the amount of negative energy that can build up greatly over time. Additionally, environmental toxins from chemicals used in wood, paints, flooring, carpeting and furnishings can leave a lingering residue that may be creating distress for the members of the household.

Clearing toxic, negative vibrations and energy from our homes helps create an overall sense of peace, cleanliness, health and wellbeing. Carina is often called upon to perform house clearings. While cleansing old energies from the home and occupants is the main focus, she also incorporates a number of other rituals, including instilling the intentions the homeowners desire into the energetic flow of the home.

After energetically and intuitively ensuring that all stagnant, toxic and negative energies have been cleared, she further reinforces the process by misting a customized pure essential oil and natural crystal spray (or sea salt and crystal spray, if the homeowner prefers) specifically made for each home that is infused with loving, healing and positive energy. Carina performs all aspects of a house clearing and blessing with the intention of creating a thriving, loving, healthy and abundant experience for all who reside and enter into the home.

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