Mentoring For Lightworkers

Mentoring for lightworkers is vastly different from traditional mentoring. A lightworker (Reiki/energy healer, life coach, counselor, medium, massage therapist, Theta healer, intuitive, etc.) often works alone. Our personal work and sessions often involve operating on a higher level of consciousness, so we may find it challenging to communicate our needs and desires to the mainstream world. Even when working in a communal environment, our work is usually self-directed. It is common for a feeling of isolation to occur, which can lead to your ‘box’ becoming smaller and smaller. Having a mentor who has walked this path can help you break out of that box as you tap into their invaluable experience, grow and thrive under the guidance of a like-minded individual who speaks the same language.

If you are a practicing or aspiring lightworker and are feeling lost, stuck or stagnant, overwhelmed or unsure of which direction to go in next, mentoring may be your key to moving forward.

Moving into or building upon any realm of work that entails healing, counseling, bodywork or any other ‘light’ work is as multi-dimensional as it is enlightening. While you can be good at many linear professions without having great insight to yourself, in order to effectively counsel, coach, teach or heal others you must first know yourself on every level. This can be a haphazard process, pulling in a bit of knowledge or experience here and there and trying to make it fit to your life (or you fit to it), or it can be a guided, flowing, individual journey geared solely to you and your uniqueness.

Working with an intuitive, holistic mentor means that not only are you being guided on your distinctive, individual path, but that any blockages to your awareness and success are being recognized and healed along the way.

I have worked with many lightworkers seeking counseling, guidance, healing and growth, which has ultimately led to creating this unique mentoring program. Mentoring lightworkers is a joy and honor for me and resonates so deeply that it is clearly a calling I am privileged to embrace. My years of experience as an intuitive holistic healer combined with over thirty years of operating a successful business has given me insight and information that I am very passionate about sharing - Carina

The Mentoring Program Outline

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to mentoring. Each relationship is as unique as the individuals involved in it. Along with deciding what you want to learn and what you want your life and work to encompass, we must bring awareness, recognition and healing to what and where blockages are being held that may be keeping you from realizing peace and potential. Balance is crucial as we outline steps to help you reach your highest self. Intuitive mentoring brings forth knowledge and healing on all levels, allowing you to operate from a place of love, peace, strength and an inner knowing. Following are some general guidelines and groundwork that create an effective, productive relationship.

  • Preparation / Purpose

To prepare for our mentoring relationship, we will establish a connection through an open and honest conversation, sharing backgrounds and experiences. This meeting can be held in person, via telephone or through Skype, and will help us build a solid base as we discuss our expectations, responsibilities, confidentiality and the boundaries of the relationship. We will discuss and agree upon the purpose of this mentoring, identify your goals, define your learning styles and preferences, and determine the length of time desired for this mentoring. We will also establish that this relationship is a high priority for each of us by defining the active roles we each will assume and entering into a formal Mentoring Agreement.

  • In-Depth Exploration / Setting the Plan

In this phase, we will engage in an extensive, in-depth intuitive holistic session wherein we will determine and reconcile obstacles or blockages that may be in place due to thoughts, beliefs or painful experiences (physical, mental or emotional) that are keeping you from moving forward. Based on this session, along with information gleaned from our earlier conversation, I will work out a plan with clear tasks and challenges included for achieving your goal while addressing what needs to occur to heal the underlying issues. We will agree on the methods of communication we prefer (in person, telephone, email, Skype) and agree to the timeframe for communication.

  • Process / Accountability

This phase is when your real work begins and you become actively involved as you implement your individual and unique plan. Suggested tasks may include journaling, recommended reading, classes, meditative practices, healing/body work, business acumen, etc. We will communicate regularly as agreed upon and I will support you in following your plan, answering questions and providing feedback in an honest and tactful manner. I will, in effect, be a mirror for you so you can see where you are and what the possibilities are.

  • Progress / Closure

In this phase we will re-evaluate your goals and intentions, adjusting them if necessary due to rapid progress while building on your strengths and hidden talents. We will address any remaining obstacles to ensure you are stepping into the flow of your unique path and take time to reflect on your progress, including what it is you've learned about yourself, and what to do with what you've learned. As closure comes to the relationship, we will use it as an opportunity for guiding you to take things to the next level and celebrate your successes.


Mentoring is a process, and your individual experience will be intricate and multi-faceted. While the length of this journey is quite variable, my experience has been that a commitment of at least several months is necessary to achieve desired healing and growth. Our shared goal is to fully establish and integrate this mentoring into your life fully on all levels. Therefore, an initial minimum commitment of three months is required. Mentoring fees are as follows:

$400 for the first month, which includes the initial meeting and discussion, comprehensive intuitive holistic healing session and creation of your individual outline and plan $250 per month thereafter, which includes two (2) one-hour personal conferencing calls involving discussion and healing, continued adjustment and implementation of the mentoring plan, and follow-up email support

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