About Carina

Carina BachmanCarina Bachman is a skilled, dedicated and passionate spiritual holistic healing arts practitioner specializing in energy healing, intuitive counseling and spiritual life guidance. Utilizing her abilities as a Reiki Master/Teacher, certified ThetaHealer, empathic healer, spiritual and medical intuitive, holistic counselor and ordained minister, she engages with you on many levels to facilitate profound, deep healing of issues related to physical, mental and emotional pain.

Working internationally, Carina employs an extensive range of holistic healing methods either in person or via phone or Skype distance sessions specifically tailored to your unique needs, focusing on the mind-body-spirit connection to achieve healing, joy, peace and well-being.  

Carina began her journey as a holistic healer after a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. After years of taking various medications in an effort to slow the progression of the disease, the side effects became debilitating and she made the decision to discontinue most of her medications, take control of her body and health, and embark on a journey of self-healing. The methods of healing she employs today are reflective of her personal experiences and vastly improved health.

Having learned first-hand that all physical issues have an emotional, mental and spiritual component, and vice versa, Carina knows there is always a message for us behind any sort of distress we face, and that our bodies often present us with physical challenges in order to get us to pay attention to something we need to know. Always seeking the deeper meaning behind any painful issue, Carina takes great pleasure in helping others discover their personal truth and strengths while helping heal every area of their lives.

Carina is certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher and ThetaHealer, as well as in Integrative Mental Health, Spiritual Counseling and Jungian Psychology. She has studied with The Four Winds Society, Reiki Master/Teacher Ruby Parker and ThetaHealing Certified DNA Practitioners and instructors Alice Christensen and Bobbi Henry, among others. Her journey continues as she tirelessly researches, learns and experiences ever-growing awareness, consciousness and illumination.

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