Holistic Healing: an introduction

Holistic healing is an approach to health and wellness that takes into consideration the whole person, not just the physical portion where ailments are most obvious. Physical symptoms can be alleviated by taking medication, but unless the entire physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self is addressed, the actual root of the problem still exists. Holistic healing goes beyond merely treating symptoms, and instead uses them as a guide to address the root cause of the problem. There are many types of holistic healing therapies and treatments, including those noted below:

Types of Holistic Healing Therapies

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Principals of Holistic Healing
Holistic healing principles work with the body’s natural health and healing system, supporting our natural ability to heal. A holistic healer understands that distress is an indication of an imbalance in our system and considers all aspects of a person in evaluating the condition and appropriate treatment, rather than merely looking at outside sources as the cause of the problem.

While holistic medicine recognizes all confirmed methods of treatment, including drugs and surgery, more people have begun to embrace working with a holistic practitioner to identify the underlying cause of their condition and taking responsibility for achieving balance and overall health and wellbeing.

Lifestyle and Holistic Healing
An ongoing process and approach to life rather than just centering on individual issues, holistic healing involves us in every aspect of the mind, body and soul relationship. With an objective of achieving optimum health and wellness, a holistic healer leads us on a journey of self-discovery and engages us in taking an active role and responsibility with regards to everyday choices.

Because the cells in our bodies are continually being replaced and are developed from what currently exists in the body, it is essential that we become aware of the effects of our choices. Seemingly insignificant choices made each day accumulate in the mind and body, establishing our quality of life now and in the future. The focus and goal of holistic healing is to achieve the highest overall level of health and wellbeing through thoughtfully considered choices.