Holistic Healing Appointments

About Healing Sessions
Carina’s holistic healing sessions focus on healing the whole person, as every distressing, painful issue we face has a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual component, and all areas must be addressed in order to bring about complete healing. Every person, and thus every session, is unique.

Sessions are very in-depth, combining intensive energy work with holistic and spiritual counseling, support and guidance. Utilizing various energy and spiritual healing methods, Carina instinctively and intuitively guides the healing process appropriately, helping relieve pain while empowering you to release whatever no longer serves you and to recognize your gifts and strengths.

Sessions are scheduled directly with Carina. All appointments will be confirmed via email, and a reminder will be sent one to two days prior to the appointment. Sessions typically run from 1-1/2 to 2 hours, and can be held either in person or long distance. Please read Preparations & Expectations for more information.

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