Soul Energy Extractions

Soul extractions, or entity extractions, as well as energy extractions, are both extremely effective in ridding the body and mind of intrusive energy left there by others.    

Negative energy directed toward us by another person can actually crystallize over time in the physical body. An example of crystallized energy would be when we say that we have been “stabbed in the back.” The longer it takes to recover from the betrayal, the more time this energy has to crystallize, and our limbic system in the brain perceives the symbolic shape of a dagger stuck in our back. This crystallized energy must be extracted manually.  

Intrusive energies are fluid, flowing from chakra to chakra, coasting through our central nervous system. Angry thoughts directed at us by another can get caught in your energy field, especially if an emotional connection to that person is strong. Intrusive entities are disincarnate spirits that affix to a particular chakra to access energy and can cause or worsen many psychological and physical problems. These intrusive energies and entities often produce anxiety, depression, addictions, mood swings, and a host of other symptoms. These energies and entities are extracted from the central nervous system using a crystal, enabling healing to move forward quickly.

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