The Healing Collaborative

Three Intensive Sessions Held In Person, Over the Phone or Via Skype

With Carina Bachman and Stephanie Barton
Carina Bachman            Stephanie Barton

Since many of our clients worldwide have seen their healing accelerate on all levels from working with each of us, we are happy to announce that we are uniting our counseling, healing and coaching abilities in this special three-session package. These powerful sessions can be held either in person or remotely and include:

*An initial session with Stephanie will help you identify nonworking behaviors and beliefs that may be keeping you from being your best self. She will guide you to a powerful breakthrough and paradigm shift that will unlock your journey to authenticity and joy. Gain energetic awareness and tools to navigate your life in happiness through Stephanie’s intuitive, lighthearted approach.

*Next, an intensive intuitive holistic counseling and healing session with Carina will address all aspects of you on every level, revealing, exploring and healing whatever is out of alignment in your life. Profound deep healing occurs on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, leading you back to your path towards optimal health, happiness, peace and wellbeing.

*A final session with Stephanie will help you clarify your direction and step into your potential. Move forward fearlessly with your new awareness and bolster positive change as you embrace your authenticity.

Three-Session Package: Only $400.00

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*Carina Bachman is an intuitive holistic counselor, healer and spiritual life guide who utilizes her abilities as a Reiki Master/Teacher, ThetaHealer, medical intuitive, empathic healer, medium and ordained minister to facilitate profound, deep healing of issues related to physical, mental and emotional pain. Working internationally, she employs an extensive range of spiritual and energy healing methods in one-on-one or long distance sessions specifically tailored to each client's needs, focusing on the mind-body-spirit connection to achieve healing on every level.

*Stephanie Barton is an international life coach, known for her direct message and simple, yet profound techniques, combining a powerful blend of professional life coaching techniques with energy work to bring order to your life and help you discover your unique, creative gifts.
For more information or to schedule your sessions, contact:

Carina at 435-640-2181 or carina {at}

Stephanie at 435-901-2093 or sbarton {at}