ThetaHealing is a unique alternative healing modality that utilizes the Theta brain wave and our connection to our higher power to instantaneously create changes in the body. Afflictions and addictions that have plagued us are quickly identified and repaired.

ThetaHealing works on both the physical and emotional level. We all have beliefs stemming from experiences early in life, those passed down to us in our DNA, and from society and history. Some of these beliefs are extremely limiting and can lead our lives in undesirable directions, causing us to create situations in our lives such as wealth or poverty, sickness or health.

By going into a Theta state, which is a very deep state of relaxation, Carina then connects with the energy of a higher power and is able to detect physical and emotional issues in the client’s body and belief systems. Working with the higher power, physical problems are healed as the practitioner witnesses the restoration to health and limiting beliefs are identified, changed and cleared.

Energy Healing