Acknowledging acceptance of your present situation is the first step toward changing it. Realizing that where you are now is a result of all the choices you've made up to now and taking responsibility for those choices without blaming anyone, including yourself, will bring you to a place where you can start fresh and achieve anything you desire. None of us can turn the clock back and change anything that has already occurred, and that realization will free your mind and soul from some of the agony created by past actions.

The very act of accepting that wherever you are in your life is perfect will free you to move forward. We expend so much energy in trying to shape and mold others to fit our perception of what is 'right' that we fail to see that the only person we can possibly cause to change is our self. Letting go of anxiety and frustration with others will enable you to see them, and to love them, for who they truly are. The ultimate outcome is that you will then be able to create acceptance in your life for all things.

Carina Bachman /
© 2008

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Arto Marttinen