Building a foundation of trust takes time, patience and sacrifice. Possessing an unshakable amount of faith in yourself and in the greater power within you will enable you to place your trust wisely. No measure of adversity will be able to affect that base. You will have the courage to open your heart and your soul and your mind and expose all that lies within you. You will find strength in quietness and trust.

Trusting others requires being worthy of receiving trust. If you are guilty of faithless acts, resolve to reconstruct your character. Commit to upholding yourself to the utmost level of honor. Do not betray those who confide in you. Let others find refuge in your love and faithfulness.

Guarding your heart and possessions and creating a shield around yourself will create the illusion of keeping yourself safe. It will also keep you from growing. Letting go and trusting another can bring you great joy and satisfaction, adding a fresh richness to your life. At times, sadly, it may also mean that you might be overcome by one who can threaten your foundation. The pain that comes from trusting and being hurt can be devastating. Recovery from this anguish is slow. You may vow never to let anyone near again. Darkness creeps in and your shield is erected once more until you find the courage to try and trust again.

Have faith in knowing that these life lessons are essential. Each time you experience pain from betrayal you become stronger and wiser and take the next step in your personal journey toward fulfillment. Be mindful that when you place your trust in someone and they fail you, the indication was there all along that deception was certain. Trust your instincts. Turn from those who cause you to be uncomfortable. Draw on your experience and risk opening your heart again to one who inspires you. .

Carina Bachman /

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Rye Jessen