Life is in a state of turmoil. Everything seems to be crashing down around you. Flying from one thing to another, struggling to make sense out of the pain you're feeling, peace is elusive, taunting as it is seemingly unattainable. Sleep, when it comes, is fitful, thoughts thrashing around in your mind, until the awareness slowly grows that fighting so hard against the reality that is yours alone is precisely what is keeping you from just relaxing into the moment and realizing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Our struggle for control over our life situations is at once exhilarating and agonizing. Unwilling to surrender, we search endlessly for a solution, only to find ourselves circling the problem over and over with no answers. We seem astonished to discover that all our efforts continually bring us back to the same place, and our exhaustion is overwhelming as we realize that we've wasted so much time and not moved forward.

Giving yourself permission to relinquish control over every situation is incredibly freeing and the first step towards a more serene existence. Making the conscious decision to step outside of the need or desire to control is one made from a position of strength, not weakness. Being open to and accepting guidance and assistance from others will help peel off the layers of stress, free your mind and soul of endless worry and set you on a more peaceful, balanced life path.

Carina Bachman /

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Francesco Ungaro