Crystals and Healing

When negative charges collect both around our body and in our organs, dissonant pulsations disrupt our normal process of living. The vibration is out of place. It is not performing a useful function and the body does not know how to release it. One of the primary functions healing crystals serve is in removing these inharmonious vibrations. Crystals are energy converters; they convert a small vibration into an electrical charge that we release through our hands. Holding a crystal while focusing on a physical or emotional issue with the intention of clearing it will help to create a healing flow throughout your body.

Clear quartz crystals symbolize white light energy and have been used for centuries for healing the body, safeguarding against harmful vibrations, stimulating spiritual and intuitive insight, and allowing energy flow. Its translucent quality and clarity allow things to be seen clearly, and it is one of the most revered stones of early civilization. However, there are many crystals that are used for healing; the crystals that attract you will naturally attune to your energy.

When choosing your healing crystal you may find yourself drawn to one in particular by its feel, shape or color, or just by your intuition. If there is a specific reason you are looking for a crystal, or if you’re choosing one for someone else, hold that intention in your mind as you observe the crystals before you. Let yourself be open to any response, feeling or vibration you sense. Your crystal will find you!

Clearing your crystal or healing gemstone is essential before you use it the first time as well as after each healing. The clearer the energy of a healing stone, the more powerful it is. When a crystal is clean and clear, it feels tingly and cool to the touch. Conversely, a crystal that needs clearing may feel hot and heavy or depleted. While there are many ways to effectively clear your crystals and gemstones, the following are the most traditional.

SEA SALT is a long established and powerful method for clearing crystals and stones of negative energy. It is important to use only sea salt, not table salt. Sea salt can be used dry or mixed with water. Used dry, pour sea salt into a glass or ceramic bowl, bury your crystal or stone in the salt with the points facing downward and leave overnight. For gemstones, particularly jewelry, be sure to only use the dry salt method. To clear your crystal in salt water, mix a tablespoon of sea salt in a glass or ceramic bowl of cold water, immerse your crystal in the mixture and let it soak overnight. If you feel the crystal is saturated with negative energy, a longer clearing may in order and you can leave it in the sea salt for two to three days.

MOONLIGHT is another customary way of clearing your crystals and gemstones. From the full to the new moon, place them outside to dispel old energies for at least 48 hours. While you can clear in sunlight, be aware that many gemstones can fade, crack or break in the sun.  

EARTH BURIAL is an effective method and is good for deep cleansing. Just dig a hole slightly larger than your crystal or gemstone and bury it in the Earth for several days or up to a week. A flower pot works well for smaller crystals and stones, but if you choose to bury them in your yard be sure you mark the spot!

SMUDGING your crystals or stones is a quick way to clearing them of unwanted energy. Simply pass the crystal or stone through the smoke of burning sage, cedar, incense or sweetgrass several times.

WATER is the fastest method for clearing crystals and stones. Be sure to use only cool water as warm or hot water can fracture or break them. Hold your crystal with the points facing down so the negative energy runs out. Do not cleanse geodes or stone clusters in water as they may break apart.
Regardless of which method you choose, trust your intuition as to the length of time you need for clearing your crystals and stones.

After cleaning and clearing your crystal or stone hold it in your hand or place it on an area of your body that is in need of physical, emotional or mental healing. Sit quietly or lie down while you focus on the intention of creating a clear, healing flow of energy.

Carina Bachman /
© 2009

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Erika Goodthing