Energy Healing

Energy healing is a natural and instinctive healing method used by holistic healers to clear and release obstructions in our energy fields. Given that we are all electromagnetic beings, it is recognized that low energetic frequencies and blockages contribute to pain and illness on many levels. Energy healing is an excellent and effective treatment for raising the frequencies and aligning the energetic fields in our bodies.

There is a natural flow of life force energy running in and around the body that, when unobstructed, enables clear thinking, reduces stress and heals physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. However, blockages can and do occur. Unresolved emotional and/or physical problems, stress, anxiety and negative thoughts or feelings, as well as conscious and subconscious beliefs, all contribute to the disruption of this innate natural flow of energy and can lead to the following:
  • Depression
  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Pain
  • Disease
  • General malaise
  • And a myriad of other complaints

Energy healers can effectively dissolve these disturbances and realign the energy fields through an intensive intuitive healing session.   

Natural Healing

Energy healing releases obstacles and balances the body’s energy paths, establishing a positive flow of energy throughout the body and bringing about healing on many levels. 

Everyone and everything is composed of uniquely arranged patterns of energy. When disturbances and blockages occur they lead to chaotic energy, a factor in physical, mental and/or emotional distress. Energy healing will help to restore the distinctive composition of your personal energetic design when these disruptions occur. A wholly safe and non-invasive holistic healing therapy, energy healing collectively treats the mind, body and spirit and helps create a new reality in your health physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Extremely effective whether performed in person or at a distance, energy healing is often used in conjunction with traditional healing methods to ease side effects from surgeries or illnesses and speeds recovery time. While promoting physical, mental and emotional healing, energy healing also brings forth a sense of relaxation and wonderful feelings of peace and well-being.

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Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Dominik Vanyi