Awakening Kundalini Energy

Each one of us possesses a powerful energy within us called Kundalini, which is part of our natural life force energy and continually flows through us in tiny amounts. Kundalini literally means coiled, and is envisioned as a curled serpent resting quietly at the base of our spine. Awakening this energy can bring it to its full potential and influence abundant positive changes, including feeling happier and healthier, having more energy and an increased sense of spiritual connectedness, and energizing our senses overall.

To tap into and awaken your Kundalini, sit or lie down while keeping your spine straight. Breathe slowly and deeply, and bring your focus to that sleeping energy. You may feel some activity at the base of your spine, and as you begin to visualize your Kundalini traveling upward through your body, keep in mind that it is vital to bring this energy up slowly as a rapid ascension can result in headaches. As your Kundalini rises, you may feel a sensation of warmth moving up your spine; relax and allow it to flow freely and just notice what you experience without analyzing it. While everyone’s experience is unique, here are some common signs that your Kundalini is awakening:

  • Feeling surges of energy moving through and around your body
  • Feeling overheated or chilled
  • Having an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness
  • Experiencing a sense of connectedness ~ a oneness with all
  • Feeling spontaneous spasms, trembling, itching, prickly or tingling sensations
  • Seeing, hearing or knowing beyond your normal senses

Recognize that awakening your Kundalini requires surrendering to your highest self, as it is a highly advanced energy that cannot be manipulated by humanness, or ego. While it can take a little practice to fully awaken your Kundalini, each effort allows you to connect more fully with your highest source of creativity, inspiration and awareness.

Carina Bachman /

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Simon Berger