Guidance and Compliance

The voice of our higher self will consistently guide us on a path that best serves us. However, it can be easy to succumb to the persistent voice of our lower self when we feel uncomfortable or threatened. Consider the impression of obedience, which often evokes visions of subservience and submission to another human being, a distasteful concept to most of us. Acquiescing to another is often viewed as an affront to our independence. We are generally moral creatures, staying within the lawful boundaries set for humanity. However, as did the professor in the following story, we may find ourselves in circumstances that could lead to either defiance or condemnation.

‘Opposed by college bureaucracy for his original approach, the philosophy professor nevertheless persevered, struggling to reach his students. Challenging the accepted application of reality, he was willing to sacrifice his standing in the fellowship in order to support others eager to hear him. Word spread throughout the campus, and students stood in line for hours to sign up for his class. Dissension soon broke out among those who understood his methods and those who scorned them, causing the college president to believe he had no choice but to terminate the professor's position. Although quick to assure the president that he was not attempting to rebel against authority but merely trying to present his theories in a unique manner, the decision stood firm. By threatening the established foundation, it was considered that his unconventional practices reflected disobedience.’

When circumstances arise that provoke a conflict within us, listening to our higher self will help lead us to the right decision. The voice of our higher self is confident, loving, secure, consistent and focused. Conversely, the voice of our lower self is impulsive, jealous, insecure or guilty, and may lead to scheming and/or manipulation. True guidance empowers, supports and motivates you; it is direct and surrounds you with warm, loving energy.

Our carefully laid foundation of faith in our convictions can be shaken if we succumb to the voice of false guidance, leaving us feeling drained and weak. Listening to our highest self allows us to make choices from a position of power while also acting in compliance. Trust in your faith in yourself, and know that you are making every effort to do what leads to peace.

Carina Bachman /
© 2009

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-John McCann