Higher and Lower Self Guidance

We all have those little voices in our heads that speak to us when we’re seeking guidance. However, those voices come from two very diverse sources: our higher self and our lower self. The voice of your higher self provides true guidance and will reliably lead you to choices that are for your highest good, whereas the voice of your lower self provides false guidance and is easy to surrender to when you feel uneasy, in danger or helpless. Here are some guidelines to help determine which voice you’re listening to:

Higher Self / Lower Self

Trusting / Suspicious
Confident / Insecure
Satisfied / Focuses on lack
Safe in relationships / Afraid of abandonment
Clear conscience / Feels guilty
Acts with integrity / Manipulates and plots
Stays in the present / Concentrates on the future
Reliable and steady / Impulsive and erratic
Feeling safe and warm / Feeling scared and cold
Kind and giving / Selfish and stingy

True Guidance / False Guidance

Feels comfortable / Feels uneasy
Says “You” / Says “I”
Repeating message / Changes subject constantly
Focuses on your life’s purpose / Focuses on competing with others
Desires present moment joy / Wants happiness postponed
Strengthens you / Weakens you
Is encouraging and kind / Is rude and insulting
Builds confidence / Fosters doubt and uncertainty
Adult manner and matter / Juvenile tone and content
Feeling of equality / Feeling of superiority

As you begin to discern which voice it is you’re hearing, you will be better able to heed the guidance of your highest and best self, leading to a happier, more loving and abundant life.

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Carina Bachman / CrystalSpringsHealing.com

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Hikersbay