Inner Strength

Inner strength comes from faith: faith in yourself, faith in your spirituality, faith in knowing that you're on the right path, faith in trusting in yourself. Strength in knowing that whatever despair you may feel, there is a sense of peacefulness that will creep over you when you draw on your faith, and you will be rescued from your adversity.

Unlocking your inner strength requires delving into your deepest resources. Allowing yourself quiet time each day for meditation will help to empower you. Breathe deeply; close your eyes, relax fully and let faith's light flood your soul. Bask in the love and strength you receive. Know that you don't have to carry your burden yourself; that it's safe to relinquish control to your higher power. You don't walk through this life alone. Let go of your fear and anxiety. When you try to manage everything and confront your troubles on your own, you're left feeling tense, agitated and unhappy. Life seems to be spiraling around you, the sameness of each day wearing you down, causing you to ask yourself over and over if this could really be all there is. Stop that spiral. Resolve to live a life of fulfillment and richness. Open your eyes to all the beauty within you and around you. Lose the need for absolute power over the circumstances in your life.

Granted, it's a terrifying thought to give up control. You've probably been doing it for so long you can't even imagine not having anxiety and stress as part of your life. Just know that the same strength that keeps you managing as you are now will serve you even better when you focus it all on listening to that inner voice and, with the simplicity of a child; holding out your hands and openly trusting that everything will be as it's meant to be. Everything truly does happen for a reason. Allow yourself to live in peace and contentment.

Carina Bachman /

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Sorasak