Letting Go

Letting go of someone we love is one of the hardest things we'll ever do. Loving them in spite of losing them, hoping for their happiness even if it is with another, can only be healing for everyone involved and yet takes incredible strength.

Have faith that your sustaining love will see your beloved through to completeness with what he or she is searching for, and will see you through to a sense of peace. Move through your days lightly, easing through any feelings of grief or anguish with a sense that all is exactly as it should be. Pain will encompass you at times. Acknowledge it and feel it fully, embrace it, and then allow yourself to release it. If lives are meant to be shared, nothing will stand in the way. Believe in this completely, as it will give you the strength and courage to continue on through your days in peaceful existence.

All things circulate, including love. We pulse with emotion and desire, fully anticipating reciprocal thoughts and actions from our partner. If one leaves, the other is often left to feel sad, hopeless and full of despair, desperate to do whatever is necessary to reconcile. Letting go of that person is often the only choice we have if we are to move forward. Suffocating another with our pleadings will only serve to drive them further away, whereas releasing them may bring them full circle and back into your life. If not, at least a sense of peace will reign, making it easier to seek new relationships armed with valuable insight and awareness of unrewarding past behavior. Either way, life based on following this path will ultimately create for you a more loving, serene existence.


Carina Bachman / CrystalSpringsHealing.com

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Sammie Vasquez