The strongest of emotions, love can take us to soaring heights and to the depths of despair, but it isn’t until we truly develop an unquestionable and intense self-love that we can even begin to share and grow in our love for others.

Deep inside we all yearn for love. Money, success, fame, family and good health will bring us some satisfaction, but we will not feel truly fulfilled unless love is present. Open the door to true loving feelings by giving love away. Don’t be afraid to love deeply and fully. Even a failed relationship will bring you immeasurable gains simply by virtue of having been. Given the gift of freedom of choice, we all walk down certain paths during our lifetimes that may cause us to question our wisdom. Remembering that all the turns we take along our unique passage only bring us closer to our true and authentic self will enable us to step out again in faith and open the door to love once more. 

Anxiety, lack of self-confidence and worry all hold us back from creating the deep, loving relationships we crave. Letting go of these feelings and putting your life and love in the hands of your highest and most spiritual inner self will enable you to walk through each day feeling truly blessed, loving yourself and all that is you. You are a magnificent being; there is only one like you in all creation. Take your natural gifts, strengths and innermost desires and recognize how truly special you are. Only then will you be able to give genuine and undistorted love to another.

Hold loving thoughts towards others, and resist closing yourself off from love and erecting a protective wall around your heart. Each forward step taken in faith, even when painful, will bring you new love and a sense of wonder at what you may have missed had you not trusted. Love is patient; love is kind. Love always trusts, always hopes. Have faith; open your heart and your mind and your soul to love. Love always perseveres, and never fails.

Carina Bachman /

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Julie Kwak