Finding Peace After Loss

We have all felt the pain that comes from losing someone we love. Whether we have parted ways or they have passed on, finding peace can be an enormous challenge. The pain felt from the loss of a loved one in any circumstance is often utterly devastating. Unspoken words and deeds can haunt us, leaving us hopelessly longing for one more day to spend with our beloved. In our grief, we are left wondering if they could possibly have known how greatly loved they were.

Loving them while no longer having them with us, wishing them well as they continue their journey in body or spirit, can only be healing for everyone involved and yet takes incredible strength. Trying to lessen our grief, we often deny our pain and believe we must overcome our sorrow quickly, manifesting an outward appearance of happiness regardless of our feelings. Doing so will only create a false shield around us, closing us off to the people who could help us through our anguish.

Have faith that your sustaining love will see your beloved through to completeness, and will see you through to a sense of peace. Move through your days lightly, easing through any feelings of grief or sorrow with a deep knowingness that all is exactly as it should be. Pain will encompass you at times. Acknowledge it and feel it fully, embrace it and then, smiling through your tears, send your dear one loving thoughts. This gently helps to ease your pain and will be felt by them as well, whether in person or in spirit.

Our loved ones chose to be in our lives, just as we chose to touch theirs, and we can never truly lose our connection with them. Knowing that your loved one is still with you in so many ways, take comfort in feeling their presence and let them help to heal you.

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Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-John Westrock