Welcome to Crystal Springs Healing

Crystal Springs Healing is based in Park City, Utah near Salt Lake City, offering a range of holistic healing modalities available either in-person or via long distance sessions.

Holistic Healing Services Include:

  • Reiki Energy Healing
  • Intuitive ThetaHealing
  • Holistic Health Counseling
  • Chakra Opening and Clearing
  • Energy Clearing and Balancing
  • Spiritual Counseling and Guidance

For those of you who are familiar with alternative spiritual and energy healing techniques, please go ahead and begin browsing our site and services.

However, if like many people, you are somewhat new to alternative healing and are not sure what you might need or even if this is right for you, the following information will be helpful. Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions about any of the types of holistic healing services offered, and trust that while we may recommend one or more form of energy healing, spiritual counseling or other holistic therapy, it is only if we feel it is in your best interests and you are in agreement.


Reiki     Spiritual Counseling & Guidance
ThetaHealing     Spiritual Journeying
Chakra Opening & Clearing     Soul Fragment Retrieval
Energy Clearing & Balancing     Soul Energy Extractions
Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT)     Couples & Family Counseling

Spiritual soul journeys, soul retrievals and soul extractions are also available to assist you on your path to spiritual healing.

We are also honored to perform wedding ceremonies, renewal of vows, commitment ceremonies, and baby, home or other blessings uniquely created and personalized for each occasion. 

Long Distance Healing

Long Distance healing, also referred to as Remote Healing or Non-Local Healing, works on the premise that everything is connected by energy, thus distance is unimportant. Energy has no limitations or boundaries, making long distance healing just as effective as healing sessions conducted in person.

  • Whether you're across the street or across the country, distance or remote healing is an excellent option when it's not possible to meet in person, and is a wonderful way to enhance the quality of your life no matter where you may be.
  • Remote healing works according to Quantum Physics, where everything is energy and connected. Long distance healing works by channeling the transmission of energy, with many studies completed by the scientific and medical establishments to prove the effectiveness of this type of healing therapy.

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