Spiritual Counseling and Guidance

Bringing the mind, body and spirit into alignment spiritually and energetically is essential for healing on your spiritual journey. Although all of the healing sessions with Carina begin with a brief discussion to bring a deeper awareness of the issue at hand to light, it is not necessary to revisit any emotional distress that may have been involved with the situation in order to heal it.

In some instances, however, we may have to explore further and delve deeper into the primary issue to get to the heart of the matter. As an example, you may find that you are reliving a story over and over, which can be a sign of being unable to let go of something from the past that has in some way become your identity. Perhaps you believe you have a fear of commitment, when the true issue may be a lack of trust. Maybe you have recurring sinus infections, which have an emotional component of being irritated with someone. Or you may be moving from one relationship to another, always seeking something you can’t quite identify.

Until you know the true story behind what is causing an aching heart or body or a tormented mind, it is extremely challenging to change painful or destructive patterns.┬áSpiritual counseling and guidance as part of your healing session focuses on finding and healing the “why” behind the “what” you are experiencing so you don't have to repeat painful life lessons over and over. Making a decision to get to the root of the issue immediately puts healing in motion. And while it can be uncomfortable or even frightening to fully know and truly see yourself and the truth behind what is happening, it is critical to recognize and reconcile the thoughts and beliefs that have led to your pain so you can avoid repeating distressful life lessons.

Profound changes can be quickly realized as we address all aspects of your unique path, interspersing various healing modalities with in-depth exploration of the hidden aspects of the issue to create a powerful restoration of your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Energy Healing