Transitioning out of the behaviors and habits that are causing pain, illness and stress in our lives begins with realizing that where we are now is simply a culmination of experiences, information and lessons learned over the course of many years. In childhood we unconsciously adopt other people’s teachings and beliefs as our own and then through the course of our lives build upon those beliefs. Because we are all unique individuals, some of these beliefs are inevitably discordant with our true selves. We can begin to feel uncomfortable in our own skin as we try so hard to adapt to what we believe to be acceptable and live so-called ‘normal’ lives. This discomfort can then increase as we expend energy to bring others around to our way of thinking in order to validate our ideals. Struggling to conform or to persuade others to think as we do, especially when done without respect or regard for their individuality, creates imbalances that may ultimately manifest into physical, mental or emotional illness. Therefore, the first clues to awakening to our true selves often appear as dissonance in our physical bodies.

To transition from a life that is unsettled in any way into an easy, fulfilled life, trust your body to be your gauge for healing. Begin to notice how your body reacts to external influences in your life including foods you eat, people you interact with, work, play and other activities. Do you experience energetic highs and lows throughout your day? Does your stomach ache; do you have heartburn or otherwise feel physically uncomfortable after eating or drinking? Do you come away from interacting with a particular person and feel full of energy, exhilarated and happy or, conversely, feel drained, tired or angry?

Tune into the messages your body is sending you throughout your day; consider it to be your personal barometer. When something or someone affects you negatively, in essence your energetic pressure drops and you may feel off-balance, uncomfortable or exhausted. On the other hand, when you are affected positively, your energetic pressure rises and you feel lighter, healthier, happier and more peaceful.

As you begin to pay attention to those things that adversely affect you, you can then initiate new habits into your life. Perhaps you will decide to embark upon a program of eating clean, fresh organic foods to detoxify and reduce the inflammation in your body. A relationship full of strife and pain can be healed by stepping back and realizing what old habits and beliefs you have brought into it that may be keeping you in a state of fear rather than love. Feeling angry or helpless in any situation is a good indicator of old negative ideas that need to be cleared, and learning to detach and step into someone else’s shoes is an extremely effective method for resolving conflicts. There are many options available to help resolve old issues and ideas; some of the tools that can be employed include meditation, counseling, holistic healing, reading and prayer.   

Effectively making the transition from a heavy energetic body to one of light and love requires an ongoing commitment to paying attention to what affects you on every level each and every day. The journey may be challenging at times but is well worth the effort, as the ultimate reward is a life that is loving, prosperous and peaceful.

Carina Bachman /

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Patrick Fischer