Developing Your Psychic Ability ~ Part 2

As we continue, you'll recall from Part One that removing blockages is the first step toward increasing your psychic ability and/or strengthening your intuition. As you read books, talk to others and process thoughts and ideas, you'll slowly begin to discover what rings true for you. Know that the more you learn and the more questions you ask, new blocks will most likely arise. It's important to remember that during this process, rather than giving into frustration, to trust that each blockage is indicative of your spiritual growth and is simply a stepping stone on this pathway. You'll soon develop a clear awareness of your psychic wisdom.

Religious Blockages

Many times the most persistent block to developing intuition and psychic ability stems from our religious background. Often the message delivered through our religious upbringing implies that we are imperfect and unworthy, and that we should look for our power outside of ourselves. Sadly, we may also be taught to believe that psychic ability or intuitive capability is the handiwork of evil spirits. Apprehension and fear can then unconsciously cause us to doubt ourselves and negate the impressions we receive and the significant synchronicities we experience.

In order to fully arouse and develop our own higher awareness, we may choose to set aside the controls and constraints that were impressed upon us as children. Do we feel sustained by our religious beliefs? Do they truly authenticate our mature soul? If we concluded from the religious training we were given that we were full of shame or guilt, those beliefs may keep us from connecting to our own heavenly direction and listening to the messages we receive. Examining what is ethically and spiritually right for each of us will help us rise above any conflict between religious beliefs and our own individual insights and perceptions.

True spiritual guidance provides direction for us and everyone with whom we come in contact. If we choose to, we are quite capable of taking responsibility of our choices in life, including how we receive our spiritual guidance. By tuning into our Higher Self, we are naturally led in the greatest and right direction while taking a giant leap forward in our quest for a more blessed and sacred life. In addition, listening and connecting to our Higher Self will help keep us aware of any lack of integrity on the part of others, affording us the strength we need to overcome any attempts at manipulation of our principles.

Intuition, or psychic awareness, is simply Spirit lovingly speaking and conveying messages while operating in our hearts. Allowing this inner voice to be heard will aid us in developing and maturing spiritually, and we can then self-direct instead of being controlled and regulated by others.

Carina Bachman /
©2008 - 2015

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Cyrus Pellet