Developing Your Psychic Ability ~ Part 4

The Disorganized Block

Establishing a clear and organized flow of energy in your life is critical to your psychic growth. Distractions and stress from the demands in your life will effectively shut down your communication with your higher self and greatly diminish your intuitive ability. Anxiety, worry or being in a crisis state also significantly affects awareness.

Psychic awareness is much more likely to grow when you are organized. Begin to clear the way for your intuitive ability to grow by eliminating the things in your life that do not serve you or are no longer useful. Taking the time to clean and clear out unnecessary items is in itself therapeutic. Donating the items to those in need will continue this healing, and in the process you will simplify your life considerably. Everything in life flows much more easily when we keep things simple.

It’s also important to clear up any unfinished business. Returning phone calls, writing emails or letters that are long overdue, and honoring obligations and commitments will allow you to move forward with clarity and is essential if you are focused and truly committed to living a psychic life.

Clearing energetic blockages is also important for attaining and restoring organization to your life. Meditation, massage and energy healing work will help you live life at a more deliberate, slower pace, which opens your mind, body and soul. With this new quietness, you naturally become more aware and directed toward receiving guidance from your higher self.

Review the way you normally go about your day. Are you rushing around with your mind going in a dozen directions at once? This creates an adrenaline flow that counteracts psychic intuition. Slow your pace and quietly focus your attention on each item you need to address. By directing your thoughts and concentrating on one thing at a time, completing that task before moving onto another, you create a new pattern of awareness and are more receptive to the guidance you’ll receive.

As you become more organized and discriminating, you will find that you are more sensitive and aware of the energy around you, and your psychic ability will increase significantly.

Carina Bachman /
©2008 - 2015

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Clayton Caldwell