Developing Your Psychic Ability ~ Part 3

The "I'm Different" Block

Psychic awareness is a beautiful gift, and with it comes the responsibility of being true to yourself. As your psychic awareness grows, you must accept that it is not something people in general share, agree upon, or even support. Having a developed psychic ability is tremendously impactful on your life, as well as the lives of others. It is important that you accept your intuitive sense as normal and natural. You may feel uncomfortable letting others know of your ability, and yet to be truly psychic, you must be willing to be ‘different.’ In truth, the only real difference is that you are awake!

When you consider how much of the information regarding psychic ability is erroneous and confusing, it’s perfectly understandable that people may become uneasy, anxious and even scared. Having an easy demeanor and being comfortable with your ability will help ease those fears. Spiritually aware people are inspired and operate from a place of love, and they do not aspire to control and manipulate others.

Be aware that your ego will try to control your sense of ‘normal’ and will throw up blocks to deter you in an attempt to direct you. When you feel hesitation or doubt during times of psychic awareness, acknowledge and thank your ego for doing its job and focus on your gift, reinforcing to yourself that your psychic ability is natural and beneficial to you and others. Accept your ability with ease and calmness. As you free yourself from obstacles to your divine knowledge, you will begin to see the world quite differently.

Carina Bachman /
©2008 - 20135

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Cristina Gattardi