Developing Your Psychic Ability ~ Part 7

Forgiveness and Acceptance

On this journey to higher awareness, we want to be sure we’re not carrying along the burdens of the past, including heavy energetic baggage. Practicing forgiveness and acceptance will ease those burdens and allow us to move forward with untroubled hearts and minds.

Choosing to forgive those who have hurt us releases us from their energy and restores our personal power. When we make the choice to forgive, our ego lets go of the painful memory and our soul’s highest vibration is re-established, liberating us of others and freeing our awareness. Throughout our lives we will attract many people and events in order to learn and grow, and those that cause us pain teach us very valuable lessons. As your spiritual awareness grows, it will be quite clear who the people are who will be truly helpful to you in your life and who may restrain your growth as they wrestle with their own issues and cause you pain as a result of their own pain. Forgiveness and acceptance for yourself and others will both come naturally as your intuition expands.

Acceptance doesn’t mean making light of any pain you’ve experienced; acceptance means honoring the painful lesson, seeing its value and significance and then moving on. Acceptance means acknowledging that you learned strength and resourcefulness and that you grew with each step. Acceptance means that you recognize that your life has unfolded exactly as it was meant to.

As you conquer your blocks and open up, you’ll have more energy and will gain more spiritual insight and guidance into your life. You will begin to understand people and experiences that, until now, may have both confused and harmed you. Forgiveness and acceptance are the best way to clear all blockages and will increase your intuition significantly.

Carina Bachman /

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Caleb Woods