Developing Your Psychic Ability ~ Part 1

Removing blockages is the first step toward increasing your psychic ability and/or strengthening your intuition. As you read books, talk to others and process thoughts and ideas, you'll slowly begin to discover what rings true for you. Know that the more you learn and the more questions you ask, new blocks will most likely arise. It's important to remember that during this process, rather than giving into frustration, to trust that each blockage is indicative of your spiritual growth and is simply a stepping stone on this pathway. You'll soon develop a clear awareness of your psychic wisdom.

Mind Blockages

Your mind is powerful. It can easily decide that genuinely psychic occurrences are simply flukes or coincidences and thus stifle and reject them. However, these experiences are often very useful for you and can include opportunities, as well as warnings, which your mind does not recognize. Ignoring and discounting them closes the door to these valuable intuitions and inspirations.

Recognize that your mind (ego) is in the business of controlling your thinking. However, to open up your psychic awareness, you'll need to begin paying attention to the voice of your soul. Spiritual direction is a psychic transmission and it may often be in conflict with your mind. So, to redirect the ego, tell it you're going to go play for a while! The ego is not threatened by the idea of you playing and will step aside. Once the mind has quieted, you can then begin to tune into the voice of your soul and awaken to the realization that you are continuously being guided by Spirit, the Universe, God; or whatever you may call your Higher Power.

Remember, if your active mind is overpowering your intuition, you can get around it by lightening up. Try detaching yourself from your thoughts and just observing them instead of getting caught up in them. Become conscious of the fact that every single thing you experience in your day comes from Spirit. Walk through your days realizing that not one of the myriad of ways you're being directed should be disregarded or overlooked. Every "chance" encounter, desire, idea or urge are expressions of this guidance. Discount nothing!

Negative and innate patterns and perceptions create intellectual blocks. Allow yourself to open up to your natural psychic ability. It will help you to recognize your true connection with Spirit and make you more receptive to the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) messages you're receiving every minute of every day. Aligning yourself with your spiritual guidance will help you to make choices that will advance you on your spiritual path as well as help you with every-day matters and promote your well-being. You'll see the world quite differently from your psychic perspective. So be aware of what's happening around you, smile, laugh and have fun!

Carina Bachman /
©2008 - 2015

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-David Marcu