Developing Your Psychic Ability ~ Part 5

Overcoming Obstacles

During your journey to living a more psychically aware life, you may encounter obstacles and become discouraged. These obstacles may include stifled awareness, challenging beliefs, and negative thoughts and actions. To fully commit to living a life of spiritual awareness, you must make a conscious decision to eliminate these damaging blockages from your life and to take responsibility for yourself and your life.

Start by looking inside yourself. See yourself for the beautiful and divine soul you are. Acceptance of this knowledge will help you recover from the false impression of unworthiness. All too often we relegate our feelings of value to the input we receive from others. As we begin to see others more clearly and to realize that we are not responsible for them or their issues, we are freed from the need for their acceptance and approval. We are only responsible for our own perceptions, judgment and behavior. As far as others are concerned, all we can control is our response to their actions.

A true sense of happiness and security cannot come from depending on anyone or anything outside our own self. If we fall into the pattern of deriving our self-worth from others, we must break that pattern by realizing that no one has the time, energy or capability for filling our needs when they’re busy trying to fill their own. Our sense of worth cannot possibly come from others; it must come from within.     

Trust your intuition; it is the voice of your true soul. The choices made in the past are reflected in where you are in life today; if those choices were based on fear and negativity, you may find that you’ve been unhappy and dissatisfied. By tuning into your new awareness and spiritual awakening, you can make new choices that will honor your true self.

Releasing others from the responsibility of being our source of love, happiness and security creates a beautiful sense of lightness. When we realize we don’t need other mortals to fill our needs and become willing to receive love and support from our higher selves, we are free to open fully to our true beauty and awareness.

Carina Bachman /

Energy Healingphoto: unsplash-Casey Homer